MODEL:                                            MF Stainless Steel MF-A Fiber Glass Tank

FOAM CONCENTRATES:            160 Ltrs. Model-MF-A

STORAGE CAPACITY:                  120 to 220 Ltrs. Model-MF

FOAM INDUCTOR :                      225 or 450 LPM capacity at 7 Kg./ Pressure Induction – 3%

MATERIAL:                                    Concentrate tank: MF – Stainless Steel

MF-A:                                               With Fibre Glass

Tank Inductor:                               Bronze or

SS Branch Pipe:                             Aluminum

Hose:                                               Optional Supply as per Reqt.

Concentrate:                                  Optional Supply as per Reqt.

WHEEL:                                         Rubber Wheel

FINISH:                                          Yellow


ORDERING Specifications


1) Model and Material of Construction for Storage Tank

2) Type of Concentrate & Hose Requirement

3) Concentrate Storage

Mobile Foam Unit is used for effective quick application of foam to fight   spill fires in high risk areas such as storage tanks, loading terminals, port areas and similar high risk zones.

It is a self-contained unit with foam inductor, foam branch pipe, foam concentrate storage tank, and two lengths of fire hoses. It requires only connection to a suitable water supply. It is easy to operate, move and requires minimum manpower.

Foam concentrate storage tank is made out of fiber glass / stainless steel. The foam branch pipe and fire hoses are mounted on the concentrate storage tank. The foam inductor is clamped rigidly on the storage tank. The complete unit is mounted on two wheels