Main Features

Carbon dioxide is colorless, odorless, and electrically nonconductive and its density is 5% higher than that of air

Carbon dioxide is normally stored, in a liquid form (Under pressure) in alloyed steel cylinders. Carbon dioxide extinguishes fire by reducing the quantity of oxygen contained in the air to an extent where combustion is practically impossible. Moreover it has high cooling capacity and leaves no residue.

After discharge, carbon dioxide is dissolved in the atmosphere, allowing purification of the protected areas


Types of System

The fixed carbon dioxide systems are designed for three different types of applications:

  1. Total flooding
  2. Local application
  3. Manual hose reel system



Carbon dioxide is highly efficacious and still largely used. The various systems are utilized for the suppression of different types of fire, but one of their main applications is in industrial complexes, where the presence of flammable liquids and vapors implies a high degree of fire risk. The carbon dioxide systems are ideally suited to protect the following hazards